Opening a Trulieve Medical Marijuana Haul – Truclear co2 Distillate, Rosin, & Syringe Warmer

Yesterday I got some co2 Truclear syringes, Rosin, and a syringe warmer from the Trulieve Panama City Beach location. The Rosin is 9 lb. Hammer and the co2 distillate syringes are in Skywalker OG & Gorilla Grapes. I also got the distillate syringe warmer they sell for $20 to see how it works and if it’s better than using other methods like hot water, a blow dryer, etc.

I was able to stack my Truliever points to get a 20% discount. That’s the first time I’ve ever been allowed to do that. Is this normal? Something new?

I’ve also got some thoughts about the current state of the Medical Marijuana system in Florida, how I see it unfolding in the near future, and some thoughts about our interactions online as a community and as a citizenry. ✌️💚

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