$125 Ounces of Ebony & Ivory 27.47% THC – 3 Boys Farm / One Plant – Florida Marijuana Strain Review

One Plant, formerly known as 3 boys Farm, recently ran a sale for $125 ounces of organic medical marijuana. Needless to say, everyone and their grandmother frantically attempted to place an order. They opened the sale to sections of the state at a time and when the day came for Panhandle customers, I spent hours trying to place my order. I left a voicemail, a message through their contact form, and called a bajillion times, but I didn’t hear anything back from them. People were saying on the forums that the sale was all sold out and people were mega bummed.

I decided to go to some dispensaries about an 1:45 away from here and struck out at both, no flower available. As soon as we left the 2nd dispensary my phone rang and it was One Plant offering to fill my order, but all that was left was Ebony & Ivory 27.47%. I placed an order for 2 ounces and they were delivered today for free! Let’s take a look and see how these two ounces of Ebony & Ivory compare to the 1/4 oz. I got a while back that was dry as a bone.

Ebony & Ivory is a Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain bred by Swamp Boys Seeds. It is a cross between their own Nigerian strain and The White strain.

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