Blue Dream 19.8% THC Flower Friday Discount Liberty Health Sciences Strain Review

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Today is Flower Friday so I headed over to Liberty Health Sciences for the 10% Discount on Flower and what did they have? Blue Dream 19.8% THC eighths and pre-rolls! I got a half oz. of Blue Dream eighths @ $25.20 each after discount for a total of $100.80 for a half oz.

This sativa dominant hybrid cannabis flower is a cross between Blueberry and Haze. It has a unique aroma, which hits me like like a sweet coleslaw smell. When I smell more and more deeply it reminds me of the smell of a vaporizer stem after you’ve vaped on some nice strains.

This video contains lots of close ups and macro shots to show off the heavy coating of trichomes on the calyxes and sugar leaves. This is machine trimmed bud, but the trim is pretty good for a machine trim and the sugar leaves live up to their name with a powdery layer of crystals on their surface. I’m definitely happy with this weed strain!

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