Boundless TERA Bag Fill Vape Session – Bag Vape Conversion Mod v1.0 [Part 2]

Link to Part 1:

Let’s take my Vapenstein for a spin and see what it can do! Watch as I fill up some bags with thick vapor and test it out for myself. What do you think of the vapor production? If you have any suggestions for improvements, comment them below.

Hey guys! This is an easy DIY tutorial on how to convert your Boundless TERA v3 to a bag vape for around $50 or less. With a couple tools and some inexpensive parts you can have your Boundless TERA spitting fire into bags in no time! This vape is great for making big thick bags of vapor. It thoroughly vapes the material to a nice deep brown color.

Extreme Q Bags:


Air Pump:
Tubing + Valve:
14MM to 18MM Glass Adapter:
Silicone Tubing: (This tubing is much cheaper at the hardware store. Dimensions: 5/16″ I.D. x 7/16″ O.D.)

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The Boundless TERA v3 session vape heats your cannabis in the chamber with convection instead of conduction to ensure tasty vapor and plenty of terpenes. It ships with 3 mouthpieces, in addition to a 3-in-1 Water Pipe Adapter. Powered by 2x 2500mah 18650 batteries, you can take the TERA with you and have spare batteries in case you need them! Get a battery charger and some spare rechargeable batteries and you’ll never run out of power! The unit also operates in pass-through mode when connected via USB charging source. This allows you to vape even while your dead batteries charge within the TERA v3! It’s built with a fully isolated air path so you know it’s not sucking toxic fumes into your vapour. With such an impressive feature set like this, it’s often been deemed a “Mighty Killer”, though there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of the Storz & bickel product coming any time soon!

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