Opening 3 Boys Farm / One Plant Medical Marijuana Delivery Review – Florida Panhandle

Opening a delivery of legal Medical Marijuana from 3 Boys Farm, now known as One Plant, in Indiantown, Florida. Check out the selection, prices, delivery info, and more. 3 Boys Farm has recently opened up Free state wide delivery of flower and pre-rolls. They offer bulk discounts for buying in quantity and have a 25% Off first time discount for new customers. Here are their prices:

3.5g(1/8oz.)………$48 (-25% Off = $36)
7g(1/4 oz.)………..$90 (-25% Off = $67.50)
14g(1/2 oz.)………$175 (-25% Off = $131.25)
28g(1 oz.)………….$300 (-25% Off = $270)

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