Opening Jack Herer 19.6% THC Truflower Vaporizer Cups – Florida Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Part 2:

This time I’m opening up Truflower Vaporizer Cups from Trulieve filled with Jack Herer sativa dominant hybrid flower stated at 19.6% THC. As you’ll see, getting to the actual medical marijuana in these here jars ain’t no easy task! We’re gonna have to resort to some good old fashioned redneck ingenuity to get these suckers open!

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I’m a Medical Marijuana Patient in the state of Florida and I got all of this stuff from Trulieve dispensary which carries a wide array of Medical Marijuana products from flower to oil, wax, crumble, shatter, RSO, capsules, topicals, distillate, CBD, Delta-8 THC, and plenty more.

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2 Chainz was in las vegas smoking a gold-wrapped joint with viceland and gq. There are shows like Dope as Yola and Crab Dabs who go on mental journies to find the most expensivest acid wizard. One time they went to the dab spot where they could legally use cannabis under the law. There’s another guy who calls himself the marijuana vlogger and he talks a lot about smokable strains of legal weed. It’s a great day when you can have CBD patches and top shelf bud delivered from a legal cannabis dispensary in the state of Florida!

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