Study Suggests Legal Cannabis Could Create Over 100,000 Jobs in Florida

An extra $3.6 Billion certainly wouldn’t hurt! We need to get in the market now so that we get a head start advantage over the states which lag behind us at legalizing Marijuana in getting a fat slice of the legal Marijuana market pie.

Just look at the 4 governors of Northeastern states including New York who are meeting to discuss the particulars of legalization. It is happening sooner rather than later. Let’s hop on board this economy-boosting societal change before the other states wise up to the potential amounts of revenue involved here.

John Kagia, chief knowledge officer of New Frontier Data, said that if prohibition is lifted, the number of jobs in Florida related to hemp and pot could swell to 128,587 by 2025—a sevenfold increase from the nearly 17,000 cannabis jobs in the state. …

The study also said that the Sunshine State could claim a 12 percent share of the entire nationwide cannabis market by 2025, which is expected to total almost $30 billion.

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