Green Crack 87.6% THC Blue River Rosin from Trulieve – Florida Medical Marijuana Concentrate Review

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Trulieve Panama City Beach location and I got some Green Crack Rosin 2.0 at 87.6% THC by Blue River Terps. Normally priced at $75 per gram, with the 25% Off sale yesterday, the price comes down to $56.25. It’s a good deal for some potent terpy rosin!

Green Crack is a strain bred in Athena, Georgia in the 1970’s. It is a descendant of Skunk #1 and is thought by some to carry Afghani landrace genetics as well. Originally, the name of the strain was Cush with a “C”. But it’s said that Snoop Dogg was so impressed by the strong Sativa effects of this strain that he renamed it to Green Crack. Pretty cool origin story for a weed strain!

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