Arizer Extreme Q Bag Mod – Increase Capacity, Full Extraction, Stop Leaks – Marijuana Vape

The vape bags included with my Arizer Extreme Q leaked at the connection between the glass nozzle and the vape bag so I decided to mod it to fix the leak. In the process I added a bit more capacity to my vape bags, which allows me to fully extract a full elbow pack in one bag.

The Arizer Extreme Q is a decent bag vape, but it is slow. It takes a long time to fill up a normal sized bag and with the capacity increased it took 4:08! Way too long. I might be able to mod this thingy somehow soon, so stay tuned for that. The Extreme Q has a ground glass air pathway so if I can figure out a better way to pump air through it this could be the ultimate bag vape on the market. Why? Because of the all glass path. That’s why!

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