$135 Legal Weed Haul of Minis from Trulieve – Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews

Today I took a chance and went down to the Trulieve Panama City Beach location hoping for Minis and as it turns out, I hit paydirt! There were 2 strains of Minis in stock, Northern Hash Plant @ 18.8% THC and LA Confidential @ 20.8% THC. Minis are $27 per eighth and my 10% Truliever discount brings the price down to $24.30. If you double stack your Truliever points or stack them with a 10% sale you can bring the price down to $21.60 per eighth! That’s an awesome deal! No wonder people are going nuts over the stuff.

Luckily, there were no lines, no waiting for me this morning and I was able to snag 4 jars of Minis. “FOUR JARS!?”, you ask? That’s right! Because Trulieve just raised the limits on the number of Minis each patient can buy to 4! That’s great for being able to stock up for a bit longer than only 7 grams would allow.

Another thing that is pretty awesome about this deal is that it makes pressing Rosin at home very economical, especially if you get them with a 20% Off discount. I will be pressing some of these Minis jars and showing what the yield was so we can get an idea for how much money you can save pressing your own with these Minis jars.

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