Northern Hash Plant 18.8% THC Minis by Trulieve – Florida Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Last week I had the first opportunity to make an attempt at grabbing some Minis from the brand new Trulieve Panama City Beach dispensary location. I was in luck! They had two strains of Minis in stock, and one was Northern Hash Plant @ 18.8% THC and 1.2% CBG. While mostly very small in stature, these Minis pack a big bunch. They are well-developed lil nugs with a nice coating of trichomes and a delicious piney aroma that has an underlying skunkyness to it. These baby buds produce big boy amounts of vapor that packs a decent punch and will leave you well medicated. There is very little in the way of leaves or stems in these Minis, making them a nice clean source of pressing material if you are into making Rosin at home. All in all, these Minis are a great deal at $27 per eighth, an awesome one at $24.30, and an amazing deal at $21.60 per jar if you can pull off a 20% discount stack.

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  1. For the 1st time i was seriously shorted 2.3g on an 8th of NHP. I retuned the 18% and look at the replaced NHP and it says 8%! 10% drop is an inexperienced grower for sure. Thats too much of a difference. One strain per room guys. That’s why all ur bud tastes the same. Shorted weight and percentage. 3 30min trips each way back to the store too. 3hrs driving bec of that f up. That was wrong as hell. So if 8% still, cancel it. 18%, I’ll buy it. But no single digits guys. Thats horrible.

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