Firing Medical Marijuana Patients for Drug Use Would Be Banned Under New Florida Bill

It’s about time! It’s not right that we can be fired simply for using our medicine!

Polsky’s bill would bar employers from discriminating against, firing, demoting, or taking any other “adverse personnel action” against employees who are card-carrying pot users. Exceptions include workers performing safety-sensitive job duties such as operating machinery, fighting fires, driving, carrying a firearm, handling hazardous materials, or caring for children or patients.

Under the new bill, if employees’ or job applicants’ drug tests were to come back positive, companies would be required to give written notice so the person can explain those test results. Doctor certifications and medical marijuana cards would be considered proof of legal use. And if an employee were to be fired or otherwise penalized for using pot, the bill would allow that person to sue their employer for damages and reinstatement.


  1. I was set up to be fired at my job but was late because the people on my floor was involved with setting me up have so many occurrences so they can say that the real reason why they are firing me when the real reason why it that they know I am a medical patient . They even use to follow me some time after work or on the weekends to when I go pick up my prescription from the dispensary, they would steal gas from my car to make it harder for me to be at work on time so I would build up occurrences so they can blame it on me not being on time. Then i would have to spend more money on gas like three times a week so I couldn’t really save or manage my medicine or my money for other expenses.

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