Girl Scout Cookies 15.8% THC Flower by Trulieve – Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews

I picked up some flower at Trulieve and one of the eighths of loose flower they had in stock was Girl Scout Cookies @ 15.8% THC. Girl Scout Cookies is one of those super popular weed strains that lots of people rave about, so it’s definitely been one of the strains on my bucket list for a while now. After hearing recent complaints about patients receiving jars of tiny buds when they order full price $53 strains, I figured I would check it out myself and let you see what I find.

Girl Scout Cookies has won multiple Cannabis Cup awards and a following that is pretty devoted to the strain. Originally from California, it is a cross between the famous OG Kush and Durban Poison strains. The aroma is not that strong and it almost smells like sweet dirt… in a good way. Unfortunately, the buds are all small. It’s exactly like people have been saying, these are Minis for $53, and what’s worse is that they are apparently worse than what people are getting in fat 4g jars of Minis. This batch of GSC is a decent daytime smoke if you have stuff to get done around the house and whatnot, but it’s not a very heavy hitter. All in all, I’d say this $53 jar of Minis is a disappointment, even at the discounted price of $47.70 with my Truliever points.

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