3 Month Old Citrus Farmer 21% THC Flower from Curaleaf – Florida Medical Marijuana Reviews

A few months back I lucked out and got in on a sale at Curaleaf. One of the things I snagged is what turned out to be one of my favorite strains of all: Citrus Farmer Sativa dominant hybrid flower. The batch comes in at 21% THC and it is one of the nicest smelling strains I’ve ever smelled. It has a vivid sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit aroma that will make your hairs stand on end! I am used to smelling orange and lemon citrus strains, but this is the first I’ve had with a very distinct grapefruit aroma. The buds are densely covered with trichomes that put off nice amounts of uplifting vapor. You see, this is one of those daytime strains I love. No grogginess just nice strong cerebral effects. Great for not feeling like a ump on a log while still being able to medicate! Citrus Farmer sells for $47 per eighth retail, which is $42.30 with a 10% Off sale or $37.60 with 20% Off. Not a bad deal if you wait for a sale, though not even close to the $21.60 per eighth goodness of Minis at 20% Off. Oh well, you can’t have everything all the time, right!?

Citrus Farmer is a cross between Tangerine Skunk and Grandpa’s Breath. Gross! Yet somehow, the combination smells wonderful! ๐Ÿ˜€

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