How to Roll Your Own “Pre Roll” Cone Joints & Save Money – Florida Medical Marijuana DIY

In this video I show you how to roll your own “Pre Roll” Cone Joints and save money in the process! It’s a pretty simple process and my goal here is to show you how to make your own cone joints the easy way without a lot of hassle or expertise involved. Once you get this system down you can roll an Easy Cone™ pretty much any time, any place. Here’s what you’ll need:

Ball Point Pen
Filter Tip Cardboard or Rolling Paper Package Cardboard
Rolling papers

As you can see, you can pretty much gather these things in most places, and you can get away without the scissors, it just makes cutting the tape easier! It’s really easy and you just need a few simple things you find around the house. The goal here was to show a system for very easily rolling your own cone joints with consistent results every time. This method cuts out much of the hassle of hand rolling your own cones enabling pretty much anyone to get the hang of it quickly and easily. Since you only need extremely common items, as long as you have rolling papers you can pretty much gather what you need wherever you are. All of the absolutely necessary items would be found in pretty much any hotel room, for instance. The other items that make the process easier would be gladly lent to you at the front desk. Anyhow, I hope this helps someone save time, money, or have a better time than they otherwise might’ve. Have a good one!

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